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This Is My Brave – DC Show 2016 – Slideshow


℗© 2016 Ruut Music, SESAC

We will stay above

When the waters start to rise

Cause we’ll search our love

And find it’s deep and wide

We won’t look around

But hold a steady gaze

Until solid ground

Surrounds this sunken place

Let it rain

If we stand together

We’ll survive this storm

I get lost in you

And the noises disappear

As you pull me through

My imagined web of fear

I can’t erase the pain

But… Continue reading

Diagnosed With A Mental Illness After the Wedding Vows – The 10 year Anniversary edition

Today,  my husband Kevin and I celebrate our 10th year of marriage! We met at a local bar on New Year’s Eve 2003, so it was only fitting to be having dinner there tonight with our 3 kids, where it all began 13 years ago.

When we first met, I had only recently turned 23. I had graduated from college that Spring and was working at, what I thought at the time was, my dream job as a Program… Continue reading

Check that off my list: Be in a music video

I had the pleasure to meet Shannon Curtis at a sweet friend’s home concert last summer. She’s a beautiful soul inside and out. She sings and writes beautifully too! When she did a call out for fans to take a video showing things they have doubted in life and what not allowing that doubt to consume us allowed us to actually overcome it. I knew I wanted to participate but first had to figure out which of my many insecurities… Continue reading

Guest Blog Post by Michelle Hurrell: The Last Shall Be First – My Athletic Journey

I was always picked last. I mean dead last; I was chosen after the kids that picked their noses, the kids with broken legs, and the overweight. In other words, even amongst my people, I was the most undesirable. In sixth grade, the most popular best friend duo, Dean and John were often the team captains. I still remember that Dean would sweep his perfectly winged hair out of his eyes after each choice and John, with a shorter more… Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Jason Brown – Learning to walk again to becoming a Crossfit Instructor

It’s not every day that you find yourself waking up on the ground in Afghanistan-looking around and seeing others also lying there.  As the dust settled, I quickly tried to process what had just happened; my platoon had been out on patrol and unexpectedly become the victims of a suicide bomber.  I called out to a friend that I could see a short distance away-no response, no movement.  I got up and went over to him… Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Christina Menard – Running to let go more than the physical weight

Christina Menard, of Maine, is a wife, mom of three kids and writes  on her blog called Crazy Mama Runner. She is maintaining a 103 pound weight loss and trying to hold it together all while hitting the road running and pushing her limits to see what she is truly made of.  Her personal goal is to love herself and spread inspiration and kindness.  I had been following her on… Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Anonymous – Owning It Is A Journey

At first, I couldn’t even talk about it with my doctor. Immediately before the appointment with my internist, I had what I later learned was a one hour long panic attack. This was the appointment where I was somehow going to communicate that I was nearly positive that I had depression. Except that I couldn’t talk about it. I couldn’t imagine talking with anyone about it. The nurse measured my blood pressure at 168/100 (rather than my typical and normal… Continue reading

Postpartum Depression: Looks can be deceiving


Aren’t we cute in this picture from 2010?

Everyone is thriving and happy but me.

I was really struggling.

The ‪‎depression and ‪‎anxiety were getting more prevalent in my day to day. I would be taking a shower and hear a baby crying, turn off the water only to realize no one was crying. I was just trying to stay a float but slowly drowning. I share this because as new moms we feel like we need to show… Continue reading

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