• Introduction Video via YouTube for the 2016 Spring “This Is My Brave” DC Show.



  • Woman’s Day Magazine – July 2016  – My story was featured in the article titled “4 of the Biggest Myths about Mental Illness.Womans Day
  • Oprah Magazine – July 2016 – Quoted and pictured in the article featuring the amazing work of This Is My Brave titled “The Beautiful Way These People are Coming Out about Mental Illness.” OMagazine


In 2014, I had the honor of sharing my story of managing my Postpartum Depression (PPD) after our twins were born. Angie Goff, the reporter who interviewed me, was so kind and gracious during the interview and although I was nervous before it was aired, I had no reason to be. Angie shared my emotions in a way that made me proud of my story. The response from my family and friends was amazing. This interview was the beginning of my desire to Own It Daily.


After my interview with NBC Washington (above), I had a whole new mission on my mind. I wanted to use my illness for good, not be ashamed of something I had no control over receiving and bring awareness. I partnered with a great non-profit called “This Is My Brave” and asked them if I could raise money through my first half-marathon training for their theater performances that focus on mental health. The team and I raised over $5k for Brave to continue their amazing mission to show that storytelling can save lives. The above link is to the article our local newspaper did on the fundraising effort.



  • Facebook Live with the one an only Rudy Caseres, who is a fantastic mental health advocate based in California. We talked about my mental health journey, how fitness plays a role in my self care and parenting:
  • In the episode 61 podcast of, Steve Carmichael and I talk about how running has helped my overall physical and mental health and the parallels the sport has with liferunbuzz-podcast