Guest Blog Post: Jason Brown – Learning to walk again to becoming a Crossfit Instructor

It’s not every day that you find yourself waking up on the ground in Afghanistan-looking around and seeing others also lying there.  As the dust settled, I quickly tried to process what had just happened; my platoon had been out on patrol and unexpectedly become the victims of a suicide bomber.  I called out to a friend that I could see a short distance away-no response, no movement.  I got up and went over to him… Continue reading

Postpartum Depression: Looks can be deceiving


Aren’t we cute in this picture from 2010?

Everyone is thriving and happy but me.

I was really struggling.

The ‪‎depression and ‪‎anxiety were getting more prevalent in my day to day. I would be taking a shower and hear a baby crying, turn off the water only to realize no one was crying. I was just trying to stay a float but slowly drowning. I share this because as new moms we feel like we need to show… Continue reading