Guest Post: Life Personified (part two) By Coco Buck

Coco’s story can be found here: Part One: Life Personified


Dear Tex (?), Ed (?), Alexa (?), It’s been two years since you moved out. I was going to ignore your e-mail as I do not want you to think this response is an invitation to keep line of communication open indefinitely. I am guessing by the timing of this e-mail that you must be going through change, stress, loneliness, a mini self-identity crisis, insecurities, or something that… Continue reading

Letter To Me

Dear my teenage self, Don’t worry that kids call you “Annie-rexia” because you are so skinny. Don’t let that effect your confidence. There is so much of your journey in your future young adult life that is preparing you for what’s to come. You are stronger than you give yourself credit. You will challenge your body in a way you never thought possible after pregnancies and finding your passion for fitness and love for running. Your mind is what is… Continue reading