Guest Blog Post: Christina Menard – Running to let go more than the physical weight

Christina Menard, of Maine, is a wife, mom of three kids and writes  on her blog called Crazy Mama Runner. She is maintaining a 103 pound weight loss and trying to hold it together all while hitting the road running and pushing her limits to see what she is truly made of.  Her personal goal is to love herself and spread inspiration and kindness.  I had been following her on… Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Anonymous – Owning It Is A Journey

At first, I couldn’t even talk about it with my doctor. Immediately before the appointment with my internist, I had what I later learned was a one hour long panic attack. This was the appointment where I was somehow going to communicate that I was nearly positive that I had depression. Except that I couldn’t talk about it. I couldn’t imagine talking with anyone about it. The nurse measured my blood pressure at 168/100 (rather than my typical and normal… Continue reading

Postpartum Depression: Looks can be deceiving


Aren’t we cute in this picture from 2010?

Everyone is thriving and happy but me.

I was really struggling.

The ‪‎depression and ‪‎anxiety were getting more prevalent in my day to day. I would be taking a shower and hear a baby crying, turn off the water only to realize no one was crying. I was just trying to stay a float but slowly drowning. I share this because as new moms we feel like we need to show… Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Stephanie Bumgarner-Journey to fun, feisty and fit

My name is Stephanie and I have suffered from Major Depressive Disorder and ADHD since I was a child. I never know where to begin with this story, so I’ll start by telling you a little bit about who I am and where I come from. I am a middle child, one of three girls. My father is a retired Col in the United States Army and my mom was a stay at home mom majority of my life.… Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Alicia Madsen: It’s more than just weight loss

These photos are worth more to me than just weight loss. I have dumped a lot over the pathway of weight loss. I have dumped self hate. I had so much hate it threw my Bio Polar disorder into a deep and dark depression and I began cutting. I have been clean from cutting for 7 years now. I have gone from a women that wouldn’t take a picture to someone that takes them all the time. I have dumped… Continue reading

When I was really depressed…

I was cleaning today as the kids were at the grandparents playing and for some reason it is during this quiet time that I start having big and creative ideas. Yep, while sweeping goldfish crumbs off the floor, that’s when I have my BIG ideas! So my brain was working hard and all of a sudden I had this aha moment: When I was in my really bad state of depression, I couldn’t think creatively or really think in general.… Continue reading

Why I Am Here. Why I Am Still Here. Why YOU should be here too!

You know that good ‘ole black and white movie that is played numerous times between Thanksgiving and Christmas? It has characters such as an “angel in training,” a little girl who loves the ring of a bell and a young man trying to figure out his life and what his part is in it all. Oh and the main character is a played by a young handsome actor with a fantastic Southern drawl named James Stewart.

You know the… Continue reading