Guest Post: “I am not ashamed, I’m a survivor!” By Hannah Mills


I have a chronic incurable disease. This disease can seem like it’s in remission, then seize me leaving me incapacitated, completely helpless and hopeless.

If I suffered from …say… epilepsy and ended up in the hospital, there would be an outpouring of community support. I would be sent cards, my parents would be made dinners and offered support. People would talk about how unfair it is I have to face such a torturing disease.

I have bipolar. Do you… Continue reading

Guest Post: Life Personified by Coco Buck


Hi, my name is Coco and I am a… human being with feelings and thoughts of my own. My being is a beautifully unique result of my life experiences, self-struggles and personal successes. I will not let anyone or anything define who I am, determine my worth, and tell me how to live my life.

I’m a recovering co-dependent and survivor of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse. Over the past 10 years I have had three mentally, emotionally, and… Continue reading