Diagnosed With A Mental Illness After the Wedding Vows – The 10 year Anniversary edition

Today,  my husband Kevin and I celebrate our 10th year of marriage! We met at a local bar on New Year’s Eve 2003, so it was only fitting to be having dinner there tonight with our 3 kids, where it all began 13 years ago.

When we first met, I had only recently turned 23. I had graduated from college that Spring and was working at, what I thought at the time was, my dream job as a Program… Continue reading

Why do I climb?

As I sit at my computer on the first night of summer break 2015, I hear my three kids giggling at a video they are watching. I’m talking about all out belly laughing and they are all laughing at the same time. I wanted today to be a special day to set off our summer right. The kids good attitudes and good behavior made me want to get Subway and slurpies to take to the pool and then … Continue reading