5 Simple Ways To Get To Know Your Neighbor

Our neighborhood is a pretty tight knit group, especially those of us with kids who are of similar ages. We are often outside as our kids rides their bikes in one big pack or draw huge chalk designs on as many squares of our sidewalk as possible. We have block parties on 4th of July and on Halloween and even schedule “Dad’s Nights out” or “Mom’s Nights Out” (someone has to stay home to watch the kids!!).

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“Own It Daily” is born!

The initial logo sketch created in May 2015

Last fall, I shared my story for the first time on our local NBC affiliate and although the response was amazing, I have to admit committing to actually doing the interview after having sought it out, was very scary. When the actual date to film was scheduled, I doubted whether I should actually do it.

I talked about my thoughts and feelings with a good friend. She too is married and… Continue reading