Guest Post: “I am not ashamed, I’m a survivor!” By Hannah Mills

I have a chronic incurable disease. This disease can seem like it’s in remission, then seize me leaving me incapacitated, completely helpless and hopeless.

If I suffered from …say… epilepsy and ended up in the hospital, there would be an outpouring of community support. I would be sent cards, my parents would be made dinners and offered support. People would talk about how unfair it is I have to face such a torturing disease.

I have bipolar. Do you… Continue reading

Weak Knees? Look up!

Do you remember this childhood song?

The head bone’s connected to the neck bone. The neck bone’s connected to the shoulder bone. The shoulder bone’s connected to the back bone…

Well, the lyrics really do ring true and only cover a smidgen of the whole picture but let’s be honest. At four were you really interested in learning about the tendons and ligaments mixed in there too?

So, the reason for this post is that about half way through the… Continue reading