postpartum depression

Climb Out of Darkness 2015

Here is today’s math equation:

Over 2,100 participants


a dose huge dose of compassion & understanding

=raising $208,000 for Postpartum Progress

On Saturday, June 20th, this amazing accomplishment occurred. The money raised will allow Postpartum Progress to continue to do amazing work to bring about more awareness and resources about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. 

I was the climb leader for the Loudoun/Fairfax climb. As this was my first year leading, I didn’t… Continue reading

Why do I climb?

As I sit at my computer on the first night of summer break 2015, I hear my three kids giggling at a video they are watching. I’m talking about all out belly laughing and they are all laughing at the same time. I wanted today to be a special day to set off our summer right. The kids good attitudes and good behavior made me want to get Subway and slurpies to take to the pool and then … Continue reading