robin williams

“Be kind to one another today and every day”

Robin Williams speaks a lot of truth here. I wish he was still here to bring us laughter but more importantly so he could feel true laughter and happiness for himself. His death was not in vain however, as after his death the discussion on mental health was brought to the surface and people started talking more. I’m sure there were many of us who could identify to an extent with the pain of depression.

So tomorrow I ask for… Continue reading

Find Peace Mr. Williams

Mr. Williams

(Originally written on 8/11/14)

Today, the world learned of the passing of one our times greatest comedians, Robin Williams, at the age of 63, of an apparent suicide.  I saw his name pop up on my news feed and my thought was more about a new television show or movie he had coming up, not that the media was announcing his apparent suicide.  As someone who struggles with Bipoolar disorder, it hit me hard. In a… Continue reading