Guest Blog Post by Michelle Hurrell: The Last Shall Be First – My Athletic Journey

I was always picked last. I mean dead last; I was chosen after the kids that picked their noses, the kids with broken legs, and the overweight. In other words, even amongst my people, I was the most undesirable. In sixth grade, the most popular best friend duo, Dean and John were often the team captains. I still remember that Dean would sweep his perfectly winged hair out of his eyes after each choice and John, with a shorter more… Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Christina Menard – Running to let go more than the physical weight

Christina Menard, of Maine, is a wife, mom of three kids and writes  on her blog called Crazy Mama Runner. She is maintaining a 103 pound weight loss and trying to hold it together all while hitting the road running and pushing her limits to see what she is truly made of.  Her personal goal is to love herself and spread inspiration and kindness.  I had been following her on… Continue reading