Guest Blog Post: Christina Menard – Running to let go more than the physical weight

Christina Menard, of Maine, is a wife, mom of three kids and writes  on her blog called Crazy Mama Runner. She is maintaining a 103 pound weight loss and trying to hold it together all while hitting the road running and pushing her limits to see what she is truly made of.  Her personal goal is to love herself and spread inspiration and kindness.  I had been following her on… Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Alicia Madsen: It’s more than just weight loss

These photos are worth more to me than just weight loss. I have dumped a lot over the pathway of weight loss. I have dumped self hate. I had so much hate it threw my Bio Polar disorder into a deep and dark depression and I began cutting. I have been clean from cutting for 7 years now. I have gone from a women that wouldn’t take a picture to someone that takes them all the time. I have dumped… Continue reading

Running Gear

People often say running is such an easy sport as “all you need is a pair of shoes and a place to run.” Well, yes that IS true but all the gear you could get for running is so fun….and can be very costly!

Here are a couple of things I like to use during my runs:

-I was having trouble finding a new shoe that felt good on my feet and along came the Mizuno Wave Inspires while I was trying on shoes in a running store.  Continue reading