Guest Blog Post: Stephanie Bumgarner-Journey to fun, feisty and fit

My name is Stephanie and I have suffered from Major Depressive Disorder and ADHD since I was a child. I never know where to begin with this story, so I’ll start by telling you a little bit about who I am and where I come from. I am a middle child, one of three girls. My father is a retired Col in the United States Army and my mom was a stay at home mom majority of my life.… Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Alicia Madsen: It’s more than just weight loss

These photos are worth more to me than just weight loss. I have dumped a lot over the pathway of weight loss. I have dumped self hate. I had so much hate it threw my Bio Polar disorder into a deep and dark depression and I began cutting. I have been clean from cutting for 7 years now. I have gone from a women that wouldn’t take a picture to someone that takes them all the time. I have dumped… Continue reading