World Bipolar Day 2016

Today I have chosen to acknowledge and celebrate World Bipolar Day! I am no longer ashamed of a mental illness I had no control over receiving but now choose to own it.

Since the first day I decided to own my illness, my world has opened up in a way I never thought would have played out. Since coming out about my illness in December 2014 I have received nothing but love and kindness from those around me. Many of my family and friends had seen me struggle for many years and then saw the positive chance when I decided to embrace my mental illness. I feel that I now have a purpose in life more than being a mother and a wife – although two very important jobs – but now I need and want to help people like me. There are people who may not feel like they can own their illness just yet and that is okay, as I am willing to hold their hand until they are ready.

I share my personal and raw story for those who may still feel ashamed and feel alone in their journey with mental illness. I share my story to show hope that there is a fulfilling and happy life on the other side of that dark tunnel they want nothing more than to get out of. It isn’t easy and I don’t have it all figured out but I am stronger now than I ever was before and it is because of my journey with bipolar disorder that I have been able to see that.

The likelihood that one of our 3 children will struggle with some sort of mental illness is high and that fuels me even more to create a World where there is no longer a stigma associated with having or talking about mental illness.

Today is a day to bring awareness about bipolar disorder. Let’s get the conversation going and keep it going. There is no longer a need to be hush-hush about this illness but let’s bring it out into the light.

Today is a day to celebrate anyone who has Bipolar Disorder – yes, I wrote celebrate!

If you know someone with bipolar, please find them and give them a hug and tell them you are proud of them for opening up to you about their illness. Sharing their diagnosis with you was extremely brave and that courage needs to be praised!

If you are like me and have bipolar disorder, let me reach through this computer and give you a **HUGE HUG** and remind you that you are amazing and so very much more than any diagnosis.


{Photo credit to Sweet Memory Photography}

{Photo edit by Paul Sell}

{Text edit by Annie Powell via Canva}